What is Munzee?

  Munzee is a Scavenger Hunt type of Game. There are QR codes  (Small QR code ) stickers placed, well just about every where.
The object of the game is to find and scan as many as you can. It is a free app to download. So I recommend that you
download the app, and see if there are any Munzee's in your area.

  There are competitions as well. Every Month you can join a clan which consists of 10 members. It is called Clan Wars.
Your group (which can be people from all over the world) will compete for 1st Place. There are several levels that
can be achieved in the clan wars, for example if everyone in your clan meets Level One requirements, such as each
member of the clan gets x amount of points, and x amount of captures, and x amout of deploys, will get free Weapon
Munzees to deploy.

  You see not only do you go out and cap other peoples Munzees, you can start putting out your own Munzee for others
to cap. This is called depoying them, So each time someone caps (scans) your Munzee you get points for it. Many
people try to put them in areas where most people will be capturing them.

  And there are EVENTS and special events that go on all the time. Like for example Double Points Weekends. And
the events are usually held in areas all over the world that are HIGH in concentration of Munzees. So if you go to
one of those events, not only do you get to meet and greet other Munzee Hunters, you will collect a lot of points
as well. And some events give you free Munzees to deploy and special badges for attending that Event.

  And even the Munzee's that are out there vary, Some will give you 5 points, some will give you any where from 5-50
points. Some will give you 100 points if you capture the Mythical Munzees. They have Motels, Hotels, and Resort
Munzees if you get to them quick enough, then anyone who captures them After you do, YOU will get points for it.

  If this sounds like it would be interesting to do, then download the app and try it out, Its free, so you don't have
anything to lose. If you don't like it, delete the app.

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