Warning    Warning    Warning.

Playing this game is addictive, it will not only affect you, but will also affect your family and friends.
Also this game is not for couch potatos. This game will get you and your family outside walking,
and running, visiting areas of your state that you have never visited before.

It is important that whoever led you to this game gets the credit for it. There is a referral program that promotes 
new players. So if a Munzee Player has led you to this game, Ask him/her to give you their referral QR code. An
Example of that would be

My referral Code

The above is my Personal Referral Code. If you have nobody that referred you, You are more than welcome to scan
my referral code above and get 50 points for doing so.

Also I would like to let you know there is another personal Munzee called your Social Munzee, that you can create that
 is ONLY unique to you and you alone. Come up with your own picture then add your Social QR code to the picture.
There are no points for capping another persons Social Munzee. Capping means that you have scanned their Munzee.
But there is Badges that you can attain by capping a lot of Social Munzee's. And also Badges that you can get by
having others cap yours.  If you would like to cap a Social Munzee right now, then try the one below.

My Social Munzee

Please continue to the main webpage by clicking below. If you can't find the
answers there, please click on Facebook Groups, then the link to Munzee Water
Cooler. Awesome group of Munzers there. You will usually get answers
immediately. Thank you for joining the game, and lets try to Grow the Map.